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Financing College in Cincinnati

In order to get a good career today, you have to have a college education. Usually, this involves four years of intensive study at an accredited college, leading to you obtaining your bachelor’s degree in your area of study. Further study can result in a master’s and doctorate degree. However, these years of higher education come with a lengthy pricetag.

Whether you attend the University of Cincinnati, the College of Mount Saint Joseph, or Xavier University, your education is going to cost you anywhere from ten to twenty thousand dollars a year just for tuition. If you choose to exit Ohio and study out-of-state, your tuition will be even higher. Also consider that on top of tuition you will have to pay for room and board, as well as books, clothing, gas, activities, and other miscellaneous expenses. Although financial aid packages include scholarships, grants, and work study, these are still usually not enough to cover your full cost. Another option is to take out a student loan.

The U.S. government offers several federal loans, including the Federal Stafford Loan, the FederalĀ  Plus Loan, and the Federal Perkins Loan. The subsidized Stafford Loan offers to pay the interest on the loan while a student demonstrating financial need attends college. Plus Loans are for parents who have a good credit history and want to take out a loan to send their child to school. Perkins Loans offer minimal amounts of aid to extremely needy students and have very low interest rats.

Private loans are also available from most banks. For the lowest and most recent student loan rates allow Cincinnati Banking Rates to assist you .