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Here’s How to Get the Best Mortgage Rates in Cincinnati with Columbia Savings Bank

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Although finding the best mortgage rates in Cincinnati can prove to be a difficult task, finding the best Cincinnati bank to borrow a loan from can be even more of a headache. Luckily for Cincinnati banking customers, Columbia Savings Banks offers numerous and competitive Cincinnati mortgage loans to help meet the financial needs of all potential home buyers.

Columbia Savings Bank Offers the Best Mortgage Rates in Cincinnati through a Variety of Loans

Columbia Savings Bank has a variety of Cincinnati mortgage loans that can be adjusted to any personal finance budget. Here are some of the mortgage products available from Columbia Savings Bank, along with some information to help you figure out which is the best fit for your needs:

30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage: Offers a constant mortgage rate and monthly payment plan that never changes. Columbia Savings Bank recommends this loan for customers who plan on staying in their home for at least seven years.

15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage: This Cincinnati mortgage offers all of the advantages of a 30-year loan, plus a lower interest rate, allowing you to own your home twice as fast. You will, however, commit to making a higher monthly payment.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage: An annual ARM recalculates a mortgage rate once a year, while a monthly ARM has its mortgage rate recalculated every month with a much less significant increase.

Hybrid ARM (3/1 ARM, 5/1 ARM, 7/1 ARM): Increasingly popular among Columbia Savings Banks customers, these Cincinnati mortgage loans offer the best of both worlds through lower interest rates and a fixed payment plan for a longer period of time than most adjustable loans.

2/1 Buy Down Mortgage: This Cincinnati mortgage loan allows you to qualify at below-market rates so you can borrow more. The initial starting interest rate increases by 1% at the end of the first year and adjusts again by another percent at the end of the second year, then remains at a fixed interest rate for the remainder of the loan term.

Obtaining a Cincinnati Mortgage is Quick and Easy with Columbia Savings Bank

While applying for a Cincinnati mortgage can be a time-consuming, Columbia Savings Bank streamlines the mortgage process to make it a decisively quick and easy process for local banking customers. Throughout the loan application process, Columbia Savings Bank provides regular updates and assistance through their mortgage loan experts.

The following is a break-down of how Columbia Savings Bank gets you the best mortgage rates in Cincinnati:

  • Resources & Tools: From online mortgage calculators and printable forms to free consultations, Columbia Savings Bank gives you the tools you need to decide on the best mortgage rates and loans in Cincinnati.
  • Short and Full Mortgage Loan Applications: Columbia Savings Bank offers a fast and efficient online mortgage application as well as a more in-depth full application that requires more documentation and personal financial information.
  • Quick and Easy Application Process: When you’ve selected a house and drawn up a contract with the seller, you select what type of mortgage loan application you want from Columbia Savings Bank. A mortgage expert with Columbia Savings Bank will select the appropriate time to order a property appraisal for you.
  • Approved and Funded Cincinnati Mortgage: Once your real estate agent or seller designates an escrow or title company to handle the funding of your mortgage loan, Columbia Savings Bank coordinates with the escrow team to sign the final papers at their office.

About Columbia Savings Bank

Columbia Savings Bank has maintained its reputation as an outstanding mortgage brokerage firm serving the Cincinnati community since 1892. It was created to serve the lending needs of real estate professionals, builders and individual home buyers throughout the state of Cincinnati. Columbia Savings Bank offers expertise in all areas of mortgage lending including purchasing, refinancing and construction lending. With access to a full-range of mortgage sources and dedicated lending specialists, Columbia Savings Bank can help customers find the best mortgage rates in Cincinnati.

Throughout the mortgage lending process, Columbia Savings Bank provides regular loan updates and progress reports to keep customers up to date on the status of their loan. Local Columbia Savings Bank customers can also review loan alternatives and even conveniently apply for Cincinnati mortgage loans online 24 hours a day. Your Cincinnati mortgage loan is in good hands with Columbia Savings Bank.


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