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Deal of the Day: Cincinnatus Savings & Loan Mortgage Loan Rates at 3.250%

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When it comes to purchasing a home, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle is locating great mortgage loan rates. While it has been easier to accomplish this goal in recent months than it has been in years, there’s no real guarantee that consumers can easily locate the affordable rates the want.

Cincinnatus Savings & Loan hopes to make the process a little easier by offering its own amazing rates year round. One example is its competitive mortgage loan interest rate offering of 3.250%.

Cincinnatus Savings & Loan Mortgage Loan Rates: Terms and Conditions

The current mortgage rate offered by Cincinnatus Savings & Loan is available with a 3.330% APR for the 15-year fixed loan. These Cincinnatus Savings & Loan mortgage loan rates are offered under the assumption that borrowers will take on a loan amount of $100,000 and make a 20% down payment. Loan terms are valid for one to four family owner occupied homes.

About Cincinnatus Savings & Loan

Cincinnatus Savings & Loan was established in 1885 as a state-chartered, mutually owned savings and loan institution. Since opening its doors, the establishment has undergone a number of changes, but has remained committed to offering lending and savings products that are competitive and easy to understand.

Along with mortgage loans, the savings and loan offers savings accounts, checking accounts, CDs, IRA accounts, car loans, home equity loans, personal loans and more. Cincinnatus Savings & Loan locations are found in Cincinnati and Harrison in Ohio.

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