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HSA Checking Account Interest Rates Today: Kemba Credit Union at 1.00% APY

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Healthy finances can translate into personal health when an HSA is concerned. Short for a Health Savings Account, an HSA is designed to help people with a high-deductible insurance plan save money for necessary medical expenses. Kemba Credit Union‘s HSA Checking Account puts the benefits of a checking and savings account hand in hand with a high 1.00% APY.

Kemba Credit Union: Terms and Conditions

For larger account balances of $2,500 and up, Kemba Credit Union’s HSA Checking Account gives back a full, 1.00% annual percentage yield. With an HSA, contributions are tax-free and can be deducted for expenses that qualify under certain health insurance plans, such as medication, partial co-pays and  in- or out-patient visits. With checking account functionality, this HSA allows for easy debiting and withdraws.

About Kemba Credit Union

Formed in 1933 by several employees of the State Avenue Kroger Manufacturing Plant to serve their coworkers in the factory and packing house, Cincinnati, Ohio’s Kemba Credit Union just celebrated its eightieth anniversary. Kemba Credit Union today has assets exceeding $525 million, and with members totaling more than 70,000, is continuing to grow and expand its personal finance reach.

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