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Deal of the Day: New Foundation Savings Bank Certificate of Deposit in Cincinnati at 0.75% APY

New Foundation Savings Bank

The process of finding a quality certificate of deposit in Cincinnati or any other part of the country involves seeking a financial institution that believes in passing on savings to its customers. Unfortunately, a lot of establishments simply don’t fit that bill.

The good news is there are some gems that regularly grant customers the most competitive rates possible on all deposit accounts. New Foundation Savings Bank is one of those establishments. Currently, it is offering customers a hard-to-beat 0.75% APY with the 24-month CD account.

New Foundation Savings Bank Certificate of Deposit in Cincinnati: Terms and Conditions

New Foundation Savings Bank customers can enjoy the competitive certificate of deposit in Cincinnati by making an initial deposit of $1,000. Once funds have been deposited, rates are locked in over the duration of the term. A penalty could be imposed if funds are withdrawn prior to maturity.

About New Foundation Savings Bank

New Foundation Savings Bank has been in operation since 1891. Over the past century, the establishment has worked hard to offer its customers top financial products and services, including deposit accounts, loans and, most recently, innovative online banking options.

Customers who deposit funds with New Foundation Savings Bank have the benefit of knowing their funds are safe thanks to federal insurance of up to $250,000. The establishment is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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