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Deal of the Day: Emery Federal Credit Union CD Account at 0.90% APY

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For those new to the investing game and savings-savvy individuals alike, interest rates are at a nationwide high. Opting to place money into a certificate of deposit not only helps save more money than a traditional savings account — it comes with more flexibility and security. With an Emery Federal Credit Union CD account, depositors can earn 0.90% APY on a 24-month CD.

Emery Federal Credit Union CD Account: Terms and Conditions

All share certificates with Emery Federal Credit Union require a nominal $500 opening deposit to begin collecting interest. An Emery CD account carries low risk, with up to $250,000 in federal insurance from the National Credit Union Administration, as well as high dividends with an APY that stays locked in for the duration of the account.

Members are advised to avoid withdrawing funds from their account until it reaches maturity, or penalty fees could apply.

About Emery Federal Credit Union

Emery Federal Credit Union was originally chartered in 1939 to serve Emery Industries, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Forty-five years later, it began expanding its field of membership to include other groups. In the last three decades since Emery Credit Union’s expansion, the establishment has grown an astounding 163 percent, and has four branch locations serving employees of more than 350 area companies.

Save with an Emery Federal Credit Union CD account or find other great deals.

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