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24-Month CD Interest Rates Deal of the Day: Columbia Savings Bank at 0.75% APY

columbia savings bankOne of the most crucial aspects of securing a certificate of deposit is making sure the accompanying CD interest rates are competitive. Columbia Savings Bank believes that its customers should always have access to fantastic rates, which is why its CDs are always among the best on the market.

Individuals who open a CD with the bank today can enjoy a 0.75% APY with its 24-month CD account. This rate is undoubtedly one of the best out there and is one that prospective customers should not pass up.

Columbia Savings Bank CD Interest Rates: Terms and Conditions

Opening the 24-month CD account with Columbia Savings Bank is as simple as making a minimum deposit of $500. Once funds have been deposited, customers can begin earning the competitive CD interest rates for two years. It’s important to note, however, that a penalty may be imposed on accounts when depositors withdraw principal funds prior to maturity.

About Columbia Savings Bank

Columbia Savings Bank was founded in 1892 as the Elmont No. 2 Building and Saving Co. by Herman Leiser, Silas T. Jennings, Charles Pitton, John M. Keber and Joseph White. In operation for over a century, the bank has maintained its purpose of raising money to be loaned among members and depositors.

Columbia Savings Bank depositors can feel comfortable that their deposits are secure thanks to federal insurance of up to $250,000, provided by the FDIC. The bank’s location is found in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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