Cincinnati Banking Rates

Cincinnati 3 and 4 Year New Car Loan Rates – November 4, 2010

Auto loans in Cincinnati are looking strong for the week, especially if you are purchasing a new car. 3 and 4 year new car loan rates have surprisingly good interest rates as banks and credit unions are actively competing for the small market of people still looking for new cars in this tough economy. Check out the best Cincinnati new vehicle loan rates for the week from the list.

New Auto Loan Rate – 3 Year

US Bank car loan rate at 3.92%
Fifth Third Bank auto loan rate at 3.79%
Bank of America, N.A. automobile loan rate at 2.99%
PNC Bank, N.A. vehicle loan rate at 3.75%

New Car Loan Rate – 4 Year

PNC Bank, N.A. car loan rate at 3.75%
Bank of America, N.A. auto loan rate at 2.99%
Fifth Third Bank automobile loan rate at 3.79%
US Bank vehicle loan rate at 4.5%

Auto loan rates accurate as of publishing date. Please see the financial institution about any changes and additional fees.